Try The Bounty Box
Local Produce Delivered Weekly to Your Door!
Try us out for a week and see if you like receiving fresh, local fruits & veggies to your doorstep! We'll postpone the annual fee during your first week just to prove you'll love The Bounty Box! Just sign up and enter the coupon code WEBGUEST at checkout. This will waive your annual membership fee upfront. We know you love fruits & veggies...and want to support local farmers! Try us out for a week and start reaping the benefits!

Benefits of The Bounty Box:
1. We offer lots of variety with up to four customizable Box choices each week.
2. Ordering your weekly box is a breeze through our online store.
3. There's no contract.
4. Order when you want; skip when you need to.
5. Produce is delivered to your home so it's fresher and doesn't sit in a box all day at a pick-up site.
6. You'll be eating fresh, supporting SC farmers and strengthening your community!

Click here to find out how the program works. You basically sign up for a one-year membership for a small fee, which we're waiving for a week - use coupon code WEBGUEST. Then, you pick which box you'd like delivered for your first week. It's that easy! We price each box on par or less than the grocery store costs. Click here  to see examples of our boxes and pricing.