About Us

Mission Statement

At The Bounty Box, our number one mission is to provide our members with a variety of the FRESHEST, BEST TASTING and HIGHEST QUALITY produce we can get our hands on and add the convenience of delivering to your doorstep!  By supporting local and regional farms along with finding the finest harvest outside of our immediate area, we're also proud to offer local gourmet foods, artisan items, meats and dairy products.  Join us in continuing the tradition of HEALTHY eating!

A Word From our Founder

​Dear Members and Friends,
I basically work for two groups of people, my farmers and my members, and both are just as important to me as the other. I was in the farming industry for a number of years before I actually started growing produce in 2010. That year, I planted a variety of fruits and vegetables which lead to the start of the Hudson Family Farm CSA. Around the same time, Growfood Carolina started in Charleston and Hudson Family Farm was the first farm to deliver produce to them. As time went on, I continued with the CSA, selling to Growfood, delivering members’ weekly boxes to drop sites and trying to develop new markets. As you can imagine it was very hard and very frustrating to have product to sell but not many places to sell to. I wanted to offer the public a convenient way to get farm-fresh local fruits and vegetables so I continued on this path until 2015. This was when I started The Bounty Box and closed down Hudson Family Farm CSA. With The Bounty Box, I was able to provide consumers with fresh from-the-farm produce and deliver it to people’s homes and businesses. I was excited to work with other growers within the state to provide a variety of produce for our members. As the first year of TBB was coming to a close, I decided to try something different. We saw a decline in box orders and that meant a decline in the amount of produce I was buying from local growers. So, I began offering regional produce along with our local produce to try to boost sales and it worked! I was able to sell more local produce, which helped our local growers, and satisfied our members’ appetites for variety. 

​As a grower, I personally understand the importance of being able to harvest produce and also to be able to sell it.  My goal is to provide members with the freshest local produce I can and sell as much produce for local farmers as possible. That's why it is so important to me to know what our members desire. TBB has done surveys and most members agree they want a fair price and a variety of products that satisfy them and keep them from the produce section at the grocery store. So moving forward, we will not only be offering local and regional produce, but to keep variety and convenience as main-stays in our business, we will also offer high demand items, such as avocados, bananas and pineapples, which are grown outside our immediate area. 
By joining The Bounty Box, you are supporting local farms and local agriculture as well as convenient,  healthy eating. We appreciate you!
Edward Hudson, Farmer/Founder